Friday, July 16, 2010


Is the Earth aware? Does it think? Does it desire? What does it desire? What does it think of humans?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Depends. Nothing much.

But some things just are: rocks, natural disasters, entropy, even stars and galaxies. The Earth just is, and its spirit Gaia just is as well. Humans are a part of Gaia, and because humans think, Gaia too thinks. And because humans think randomly, contradictorily and about many things, Gaia too thinks randomly, contradictorily and of many things. Gaia does not wish for anything "deep down"; she knows only who she is and what has happened to herself throughout her existence. She is.

4.5 billion years ago, Gaia was born. Shortly after, she gave birth to her sister/daughter Luna. Until 4 billion years ago she was constantly absorbing large meteors and burned with volcanic fury. 3.5 billion years ago, living things started crawling on her in great numbers. Until about 500 million years ago, the crawlies grew and spread, changing her air and cooling her down, remaking her in garb of green, white and blue, complete with a cloak for her, their mother, to protect her from sister/mother Sol's light.

But it was only about 2 million years ago when Gaia found herself able to think clearly, about herself, about anything. This has been steadily improving ever since.

There is no mistake, Gaia's present self is very different from her past self. And in the future, it will be different again still. Lately, she believes she may have even seen her own death, 7.5 billion years from now. She will slowly relive her life but in reverse, becoming a world of fire again before being eaten by a then swollen and hungry mother Sol. Not that it would matter much, as Gaia knows she would have lost her mind well before then anyway. Thoughts are indeed fleeting. Anything until then is pleasant in comparison.

But she does look so very splendid in blue now.

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